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In 2015 the new law firm, Banton Business & Legacy Law was created by Steve Banton. He wanted to focus on helping people with their assets, estates, wills, trusts and benefits so that their legacy can help support their families and heirs. In doing so, he created his new logo, seen here with the tree and a network of roots. This symbolizes his dedicate to support and serve families.  Steve's christian background formed his desire to help others and for Steve, it's helping others protect and support their families. Leaving a legacy is important to many people, not just the wealthy. Regardless, if the issue is around Elder law, veteran's benefits, trusts, wills, contracts or estate planning, Steve wants to make sure his clients receive the best possible service and support when it comes to the law.  

Remember about 15 years ago reading about Terri Schiavo in the news? Her husband and parents were in court fighting over Terri because she was incapacitated and unable to decide what to do herself. The result was that her husband ended her feeding tube, which kept her alive while her helpless parents looked on. No one thinks it will happen to them but if you know what you would want done if you were in a similar situation you must have the necessary documents in place to ensure they accurately reflect your wishes and that they will be carried out. Without these documents a judge may appoint a Guardian or Conservator of the Person to oversee your health care, thereby adding further expense and hassle to your court-supervised guardianship. 

Welcome To Our New Website: www.lawyer-manchester.com. In April of 2015 Steve Banton created his new law firm, Banton Business & Legacy Law. This new Website help reflects the dedication to his clients and the community. One of Steve's goals is to help educate people on their legal rights on Elder Care, Veteran Benefits, Asset Protection, Avoiding Probate, Business Planning, Wills and Trusts and other topics to help people plan and protect their assets, legacy and their financial health and personal goals. This site, with the BLOG, newsletter and social media is all designed to help achieve these goals.
Come back often so that you too can be kept informed about your assets, estate planning, and legal rights.