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Protect your assets from predators, lawsuits, and creditors with our asset protection planning in St. Louis. Whether you believe it or not, asset protection is important for securing your financial future. It is quickly becoming an essential factor in today's society, as well as a requirement for legal endeavors. The legal strategies that we offer at Baton Business & Legacy Law, LLC are created to guard your assets and ensure that you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

St. Louis asset protection is specifically necessary for professional individuals and business owners, including lawyers, doctors, and other professionals because these particular professions generally have higher salaries and a larger variety of valuables to protect.


Our asset protection lawyers in St. Louis offer customized solutions for your private concerns. We supply knowledge on how to avoid paying outrageous amounts of money for nursing home care, information on applying for veterans' benefits, the Missouri Qualified Spousal Support Trust, asset protection for business owners, Missouri Asset Protection Trusts, and limited liability companies and corporations. Contact our asset protection attorneys in St. Louis if you would like a more extensive explanation of the following asset protection entities:

Limited Liability

Limited liability companies and corporations provide business owners and individuals the ability to separate business assets and personal assets.

Qualified Spousal Trusts

Qualified Spousal Trusts offer the flexibility and probate avoidance features of a traditional Revocable Living Trust, yet maintain the asset protection features of property titled jointly with a husband and wife.

Asset Protection Trusts

These advanced tools can provide protection from unforeseen creditor and divorce risks for an individual's hard earned assets, and provide creditor and divorce protection for future generations.


A Missouri Asset Protection Trust is an irrevocable trust that allows an individual to transfer their assets into the trust, retain the ability to be a beneficiary of the trust and also retain certain powers and controls over the trust, and have protection from future creditors and bankruptcies. Currently, Missouri is one of a handful of states that allow an individual to create an asset protection trust.

Regardless of which option may best suit you, careful planning is always recommended. It is extremely necessary for the lasting protection of your business and your personal assets.

Contact us today to begin planning your asset protection strategy. We proudly offer our services to customers in St. Louis, Manchester, Ellisville, Wildwood, Eureka, Town & Country, Chesterfield, Ballwin, West St. Louis County, Kirkwood, St. Charles, Florissant, O'Fallon, Fenton, and Mehlville, Missouri.