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Probate court is an expensive and time consuming method for determining the outcome or legal proceedings in reference to a deceased person's property. Avoiding probate in St. Louis, MO is quite simple with Legacy Law, LLC. Aside from the two major reasons, expenses and time, probate court is a difficult process to endure. Not only can it take up to 5% of your estate's value, but it can also keep your property tied up for a year and a half or more.


We strongly urge you to avoid probate court in St. Louis by organizing a strategic plan for how you desire to divide your assets and valuable belongings. As we work hard to alleviate the challenges involved with enforcing the regulations and requirements in the will, you have all you need to move forward.

Reflecting on the cost of specialized probate distribution can be a bit discouraging. Our clients frequently mention the hassle involved with attempting to decide on the administration of estates. A benefit of avoiding the probate process includes evading the cost of attorney fees, court costs, account charges, appraiser fees, and other legal expenses. If you decide to resort to probate court, you are likely to lose about 10% of the actual value of the estate you are aiming to receive. This is usually based on the value of the personal assets, but proves to be true more often than not.


During the probate process, court leaders are asked to examine the authenticity of the will on display and determine who is worthy of receiving each asset. When the matter involves a deceased individual, the law of jurisdiction plays a heavy role in the aftermath.

Avoiding Probate in Manchester, MO

There are many ways for you to avoid probate court. The most effective way is joining a living trust and will together to create multiple advantages for having your assets distributed properly to all named beneficiaries. However, any property included in your trust fund does not require a probate. These assets are easily assigned to those named in the will provided for review.

If you are confused about your options for avoiding probate, we have the answers to keep you informed.

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