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When you are in need of a trust lawyer in St. Louis to help you transfer your personal property to your beneficiaries, count on our experienced team of professionals. We are sincerely interested in your needs and strive to preserve what means the most to you.

Our St. Louis trust staff specializes in effectiveness, and aim to formulate legal results based on what will benefit you the most. We help you understand the importance of having a trust and will.

Our staff facilitate the distribution of your property and organizes the division of your specified last wishes. We also implement your preferences for naming guardians for minor children.


Whether you are ill or expecting to acquire a large sum of money, it is best to have a living will in place so that your loved ones know how to handle your valuables when you are gone. Our St. Louis will staff outlines your options in advance, allowing you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

If you prefer not to remain on artificial life support when your life is on the line, we counsel you on how to ensure that your family will continue to progress without you around. Wills also offer you the benefit of saving time, money and stress when determining who gets what beforehand. They also help you probate your estate quickly and efficiently. We help you avoid probate court as often as possible, and are confident that you will be relieved, reassured and well-informed after requesting our services. At Banton Business & Leagcy Law, LLC, we work hard to help you simplify your concerns about the future.


No matter what reason that you might need a will attorney in the St. Louis area, you can rest assured that the attorneys from our law firm in St. Louis have your best interests at heart. We work with you to determine the best course of action when it comes to your will and trust. Let us worry about the details of arranging everything to your exact specifications.


• Special Needs Trusts
• Life Insurance Trusts
• Medicaid Planning
• Residential Trusts
• Wills
• Estate Planning

• General Trust
• Asset Protection
• Avoiding Probate
• Probate Administration
• Probate Litigation
• Elder Law

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